The “not a dreamer” kind of person


August 2015 has been a prolific month for me. I have started this lovely blog whereas I have always been afraid of what people could think about my writing skills and my — too honest and direct — thoughts and opinions. I have started writing again, after two years of dry ink in my pen. I bought my tickets for a trip to Stockholm in October. I have even been reposted by Grok Nation on Instagram and Mayim Bialik liked one of my comments on Facebook — which, in my dad’s head, means Mayim herself is going to call me to have a drink soon. And, more meaningful to me, I am going to start my second year of Psychology and Neuroscience studies with an unsual peaceful mind, looking forward to learn more about humain beings, practice jazz dance, and meet foreign students.

My life sounds sweet and beautifulRead More »


The image I (shouldn’t have) had about women’s bodies


My mind is always submerged, overwhelmed by questions about feminism and the image of women in society. Among all the interrogations and concerns I have and wonder about every day…

        Which feminism is the best?                         Which feminism is the best for me?

Is there a feminism better than others?                               Can I judge someone else’s                                                                                                               feminism?  

                                          Why do I only see women preoccupied by feminism?

Why do I feel judged on my body as a woman whereas                                                          men are judged on what is in their brains?Read More »

Why I think Grok Nation is groundbreaking ✡ ♥ ♀


♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀                     ✡  ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀

Little adjustment before starting.

• To grok : to understand (something) intuitively or by empathy.

• Groknation : « I believe that there is a meaningful way to approach every issue — whether it be acting, science, parenting, faith — whatever it is; there is a way to “grok” it, to look at every issue and find the underlying importance and meaning in it. » Mayim Bialik

• Grokites (community) : people ready to grok the world with Mayim Bialik by their sides.

✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡           ♥ ♀✡      ♥ ♀  ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀

First of all, I must explain why I waited a week and a day before writing and posting this article. Well, when I heard Mayim Bialik was launching her own website on August 11th, I tried to act like this:Read More »

My body is my garden ❀

Imagine you are walking in a vast garden.

You are alone and have this feeling, deeply inside of you, that you are the only one on Earth to know this garden, to see it and to understand it as perfectly as you do. This garden is your secret. This garden is your body.

More you walk on that path made of grass, more you discover it.


You admire sunflowers and offer your face to the light they cherish. You smell roses, alyssums, gardenias, peonies, and all these scents make you feel peaceful — as if you already knew them all, as if they were entire parts of your life. In fact, they are, and you will rapidly notice that it is impossible for you to be dissociated from them.Read More »

Hello people of the Universe ☼

I am creating this lovely blog-cloud with Jeune et Con in the background, isn’t it the best way to start?

It has been a curious day. It is still hot outside but I can smell the salty wind around the house. It merges with the mint scent of my cup of tea. The sun is setting, everything is blue, orange and pink. Life is sweet, right now.

But we have to enter the real subject of my first article, don’t we?

I have stopped writing for almost two years now. I miss it. I deeply miss it. Excitation, fear, my hand tensed and wrapped around the pen, my brain working as fast as a cat runs under rain…

So here I am. I decided to write again. About what? Oh, mostly about society, I think. My thoughts. My opinions. How I picture an event. When I laugh at my fears. Why I cry for every tiny little equality step.

And because only fools never change their mindsI am looking for respectful and curious people to discuss with. Yes, people like you.Read More »