Second year of University: doubts and expectations

If for most of you September, 21st, rhymed with The Big Bang Theory season 9, for me it definitely was the start of the school year, yay! Come on, back me up here.

I am on my way to get a diploma in Psychology and this year is my second one. On Monday, I start my second week at university and I am so afraid.

I am an anxious person. When I was a little girl, I was always bitting my nails, my stomach hurt all the time because of stress and I felt under pressure when nothing important was in play. Now, I can handle my stress more easily but I still have the bad habit to shake my legs like crazy when I wait or when I feel uncomfortable and scared. Also, I am so used to anxiousness that my bodyRead More »


Digital detox : my experience

Who has never tried to switch their phone or their laptop off for a day or at least for some hours, eh? I tried. Several times.


It is true, I am often on my phone and my laptop is constantly beside me. I do everything with them. I take pictures, I like pictures, I share feelings and send emails. I text friends and call my parents. I look for the closest library or market, I listen to music and set my alarm clock for tomorrow morning.Read More »

If you could travel in time as a feminist, when would you go to? (with French translation)

Never forget that a political, economical or religious crisis is enough to cast doubt on women’s rights. These rights will never be vested. You have to stay vigilant your whole life. Simone de Beauvoir

As I told you in my very first blogpost about time travel, some weeks ago I read an article about this subject on SheKnows and it inspired me to create a “7 time travels” challenge. Moreover, as you may or may not know, I tend to admire Mayim Bialik and follow her thoughts and opinions daily, mostly because she tries to generate debates and discussions about simple and tough topics and arouse your curiosity. But I am sure you don’t see the connection between Mayim Bialik and time travel, right? In fact, she participated to SheKnows’s article and answered this question:

As you are a raging feminist…                                                                                  if you could travel in time,                                                                                  when would you go to?

Read More »

If you could travel in time as an invisible person, when would you go to? Or, my family during WWII.

Quotes-About-Memories-Tumblr-1You really can go anywhere you want as an invisible person. It is up to you. You will never bother people, you will never get noticed, you will never put yourself in physical danger. So I choose to go to the beginning of the Second World War in France.

It is a bit weak, isn’t it? To choose to live during the Second World War while being invisible after all I said. It is true. I wouldn’t risk to die, it is true too. However, I think it would be a good way to understand my family’s feelings, and this is hurtful. I couldn’t do anything to help them, to speak with them, to express my own support. I couldn’t even tell them when the war ends or if they will still be alive after all. Maybe it is weak to choose that period of History as an invisible person, but it is the best way to enter intimacy and reject taboos.Read More »

If you could travel in time as someone else, when would you go to?

aWhat if I was Meryl Streep? Or Albert Einstein? Or Michelle Obama? Jules César, Audrey Hepburn, Woody Allen, Anne d’Autriche, John Lennon, Mayim Bialik, Honoré de Balzac, Malala Yousafzai…

Or grandma Louisette and grandma Paulette. The first one teacher, the second one laborer. Workers, Women and Mothers. Born before the Second World War. The first one is deceased, the second one is waltzing through life. Both very different but very fascinating.

Upon reflection, I think I would like to liveRead More »

If you could travel in time as a writer, when would you go to? — with French Translation



           After this spontaneous declaration of love,                                                                                                                                 I think we can start with a peaceful mind.

A writer. If I was a writer, when would I travel to? To the XIXth century in France. I know, I always choose France, but it is my country and I love its art and culture. My favorite authors from this century are Victor Hugo and Charles Baudelaire. I don’t know all their works, I mostly read them by accident, and that is what I like the most about them. I barely look for them, they pop in my life like corn in a pan and I find their appearances very pleasant.Read More »

If you could travel in time to the future, when would you go to?


 FUTURE                                                                                                                       The big question. What does future look like? Destroyed, nutty, fancy? Is it already written or are we creating it at every second? I have no idea, and honestly I prefer not to think about it too often. In my head, future is still about flying cars, telepathy and three course dinner chewing gums — Willy Wonka, where are you?

I have never really liked the idea of travelling in time to the future. I see this adventure as a disillusion. Going back to the present, I would be afraid to spend my life waiting for something I know is necessarily going to happen. I would not fight anymore for what I really want. Everything would become evident, feelingless, there would be no more magic or surprise, astonishment or terror. I would be afraid not to be able to change the process of time and feel powerless. Read More »

If you could travel in time as a fashion lover, when would you go to?


Fashion is not my thing. I don’t like to go shopping for hours and when I buy new clothes, it is only during sales. I am just enough aware not to wear striped pants with a checkered shirt, and my love for colors helps me match my top and trousers. But answering this question was not as hard as I thought it would be.

One day, one of my teachers asked us to choose a period of History and I remember to have picked Middle Ages. He asked me why I didn’t choose The Glorious Thirty and I realized he expected an answer related to an economic boom or a social peace. I had picked Middle Ages because of social norms, Read More »

If you could travel in time in your own life, when would you go to?

I was going through old pictures when I answered this question. If I could travel in time in my own life, I would live my childhood again.


The reason? Well, certainly because I don’t remember it. No, really. I don’t. I have no memories of what was going on in my life. I often use the metaphor a the train station. I was seeing trains passing by and people getting on and off while I was sitting on a bench. There were no interactions betweenRead More »

If you could travel in time, when would you go to?

kellybartonKelly Barton & Vivienne McMaster

Some weeks ago, I read an article about time travel and I realized I never asked myself the big question:

If you could travel in time, when would you go to?

I decided to set myself a challenge — it is the only thing that keeps you alive, right? — and publish a blogpost on the subject each day during a week. Why?, you ask me. Primarily to know your answer to my future questions because they will reveal a part of yourself, of your dreams, of your culture, of your fears, of your own story or the one of your country. I want to share that with you, reader. I want a little conversation in the moonlight, a cup in hands and a blanket on knees. A little and cozy moment, just you and I. Imagine… Read More »