If you could travel in time, when would you go to?

kellybartonKelly Barton & Vivienne McMaster

Some weeks ago, I read an article about time travel and I realized I never asked myself the big question:

If you could travel in time, when would you go to?

I decided to set myself a challenge — it is the only thing that keeps you alive, right? — and publish a blogpost on the subject each day during a week. Why?, you ask me. Primarily to know your answer to my future questions because they will reveal a part of yourself, of your dreams, of your culture, of your fears, of your own story or the one of your country. I want to share that with you, reader. I want a little conversation in the moonlight, a cup in hands and a blanket on knees. A little and cozy moment, just you and I. Imagine… having the oppotunity to meet your dead idol, understand the creation of the first human community, learn something from a peacemaker, know if cars will fly one day, see the evolution of cancer treatments… There are so many possibilities. It sounds magical.

Then, I think we don’t speak a lot about History. Don’t get me wrong, we speak about it every day, we build it — and we destroy it — every day. We reinvent it in a painting and we depict it on television. But I feel the distance we put on past events, a step back that makes us hesitate to pronounce a sentence instead of another. It can be called fear, modesty, ignorance, compassion, even lack of opinion. But it is a weight that we can’t carry anymore. I don’t know if it is everywhere the same but in France, we care a lot about our history — consciously or not — and we teach world history with many details but most importantly with a huge respect and an almost total absence of judgement. But I do want to be subjective. In France, we have an expression that says:

« Avec des si, on mettrait Paris en bouteille » *

*with ifs one could put Paris in a bottle = with suppositions, everything is possible

I don’t care if they mock my hypotheses, repeat over and over again that we can’t change the past. Why? Because I don’t want to have an impact on the past but on the future, our future. Because by finding “ifs” in the past, we will impel the world to pursue a path or another. What has not been done before can be realized today. At small scale and at large scale, it is only on us. We too often say that those who forget cause the repetition of History. By playing this little game, we may find answers.

But thanks to this time travel challenge, I also want to travel through my own story, my own self. I may discover new aspects of my personality, who knows? Anyways, there is something I already know: my love for imagination.

So, do you join me?

Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or to mention me if you decide to participate to the challenge! I would be glad to share my experience with you and read your thoughts about it.



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