If you could travel in time as a fashion lover, when would you go to?


Fashion is not my thing. I don’t like to go shopping for hours and when I buy new clothes, it is only during sales. I am just enough aware not to wear striped pants with a checkered shirt, and my love for colors helps me match my top and trousers. But answering this question was not as hard as I thought it would be.

One day, one of my teachers asked us to choose a period of History and I remember to have picked Middle Ages. He asked me why I didn’t choose The Glorious Thirty and I realized he expected an answer related to an economic boom or a social peace. I had picked Middle Ages because of social norms, but mostly because of princess dress codes — do you see, Disney, what silly ideas you put in minds?

In fact, I have always been interested in the past, and clothes and interior decorations are beautiful memories to me. Everyday life objects are fascinating and you can’t imagine what I felt when I first heard my mother’s godmother sing on a vinyle thanks to a record-player. But it is not the question. If I could travel in time as a fashion lover, I would definitely choose the 1930’s-1950’s period. I would have loved assisting to the empowerment of women through fashion, the evolution of cinematography and, of course, the expansion of pin-ups. I love dresses and skirts slightly below the knee, voluptuous and flowing. I am also very in love with glitter and bright eyeshadows, eyeliner, red lips and victory rolls.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Kayley Melissamaxresdefault

So guess who was the happiest when her town organized a Vintage Day? Yes, me, there is no secret I can hide from you. Yesterday, you could see old cars parade in the streets of my little town and people perfectly dressed. Accordions were playing and couples were dancing — videos below. If you want to feel the atmosphere, here is a song all French people know.

I don’t know why I love that period so much. It makes me think of cabarets, fun, lights, dance, elegance. I think of baguettes in hands and café terraces. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Louis de Funès. And in a sense it is really weird, because I only see the positive side. I don’t hear bombs, I hear Edith Piaf. I don’t see uniforms but flowery dresses. I don’t feel anxiety but happiness.

It is curious how fashion can make you see the past in a total different way than it really was. The war is not present on clothes. Maybe fashion was used as a protection, I don’t know. When you want to dehumanize someone, take their clothes off and cut their hair because nothing else makes them special. Fashion never stopped because of the war. It may be why I am in love with that period. Nothing stopped. Fashion kept shortening skirts and cutting mustaches and became a real symbol of uniqueness and expression. Women obtained the right to vote and later, started working without their husband’s approval and received money they could put on their own bank account. It was a period of strong people and we could find on their outfits the colors and fancy the war had removed from their lives.

Dressing at that time was also a way to be accepted and well seen by society. You were showing your social class and the importance you grant to your appearance. It was not a question of “perfect messy bun” or “deceptively sloppy”. It was a question of perfection, full stop. I may sound silly but I like that. Call me maniac. Anyways, going outside, especially in Paris, was like being part of a magical world.

I thank the lovely lady you are going to see because she gently accepted to pose for me. Honestly, she was the most beautiful.


It is now your turn to tell me when you would go to if you were a fashion lover. Would you choose to travel to the future? Would you like to know how it feels to wear a toga? Tell me, I am reading.


I leave you with these very short videos of lovely dance moments. ♥


5 thoughts on “If you could travel in time as a fashion lover, when would you go to?

  1. Like you, I’m not the biggest fan of shopping for clothes (at times, I feel like the stereotypical ‘guy’ of a shopping expedition, the kind who is bored to death and wants to leave asap). As for an era when I would be a fashion lover, I really can’t decide :p I do like the fashion of today, just not the shopping part of it!

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  2. I’m no fashion icon, either, but I do agree with you that the mid-twentieth century (c. 1940’s through 1960’s) was definitely a classy period. I really like pin-up hairdos, pompadours, and really, really good-looking suits. Debonair is definitely (and continues to be) very in!

    There are certain fashion trends today which I don’t really like, but it’s not horrible (can you say 1990’s fashion??). I would, however, be interested in seeing where today’s fashion takes us in the next few decades!

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