Around the world: Stockholm, day 1

Hello people of the Universe !

I went to Stockholm for five days and I come back with a wonderful story to tell. Some hours ago, I was still in Sweden trying to protect my face from the cold whereas most of the Swedish were only wearing a small coat; now, I am in my lovely and warm apartment in the South West of France, from where I can enjoy a blue sky and 21°C (68°F). Home, sweet home.

Gamla stan

Tuesday was a long day. I was so stressed at the idea of leaving, forgetting my ID or even losing my ticket. I went to sleep at my friend’s place because she lives closer to the shuttle that leads to the airport. We spent the night speaking about us and stuff before falling asleep at 1 am… and waking up at 4 am. It is was so hard but we made it! We took the plane and had the chance to eat a pain au chocolat — where I live, it is called a chocolatine and let me tell you there is a huge debate in France around the name of that cake. To sum up, France is divided into two groups when it comes to speak about it, but it is not the matter here. We stopped over in Frankfurt where the sky was grey and the air wet, and took a second plane to go to Stockholm.

We arrived around 1 pm and walked directly to the little youth hostel we rent. We were situated in the center of Gamla stan (The Old Town in English), also called The Town between the Bridges because it is spread out in several islands connected by bridges, and we decided to visit immediately and find a place to eat. We entered a lovely restaurant where I ordered something with beef, and my friend a piece of quiche.


We walked during several hours and enjoyed the historical part of this city. We felt home. We never took the subway and it was very pleasant to be in a big city and get around on foot. We walked up and down the street Drottninggatan several times but still struggle to pronounce its name. Around 3.30 pm, we looked around the Royal Palace and took pictures like this one:

At the Royal Palace, 3.30 pm

Oops, I forgot to tell you that the sun goes down around 3 pm at this time of the year in Sweden, that is why you barely see my face but can admire a beautiful sunset. Then, we moved closer to the water where it must be wonderful to make a pause and drink a coffee with friends.


We also decided to visit the circular library but we went to another one by mistake. Anyways, it was very pretty and we were surprised to find a kind of brasserie/restaurant in it. Well, it doesn’t exist in France, you can’t eat or drink in a library.


Around 6 pm we bought a snack — a delicious chocolate muffin for me — and went back to our youth hostel. On the path, we noticed many cafés, either Espresso House or Wayne’s Coffee, that looked so cozy. Here is the first thing you need to remember about Swedish people: they like to be in a cozy, warm place when it is cold outside. They order tea or coffee and discuss with friends, or work on their laptop, or read a book. They seem to love being inside while it is dark and cold outside. From sunrise to sunset. I keep wondering if they are not more sensitive to the cold that I am, haha. Another thing you need to know: Swedish people speak English, but not like a French would. They speak with an amazing accent, a british one most of the time, and they are very polite and helpful.

Here is what I can tell you about my first day in Stockholm! Well, in fact, I have a last thing to show you. This place:


I am definitely in love with its colors. It is so beautiful and welcoming. And look at these cobblestones! I love that kind of cities.

I hope I make you want to go there! Stockholm is wonderful.

Love,                                                                                                                             Marion


2 thoughts on “Around the world: Stockholm, day 1

  1. Amazing photos! Glad that you had a wonderful time in Stockholm. I went three years ago, and found the architecture of Gamla Stan very charming. Sweden, let alone Scandinavia in general, is a gorgeous place to visit. Looking forward to more posts!

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