Around the world: Stockholm, day 3

Hello people of the Universe !

After a veeery long day walking around Södermalm, we decided to visit two museums the following day. We visited on foot, of course, but this time it was much more difficult because of our tiredness, and also because of a grey and very cold weather. We firstly went to the Vasamuseet, a museum where you can admire a huge boat of the XVIIth century. To go there, we went along the water and discovered a classy neighborhood with a beautiful architecture. On the road, we met this amazing house / manor / palace / whatever that definitely looks like a magical one in Disney movies. And look at the leaves! This gradation is wonderful!

I didn’t take pictures of the Vasa, but I can speak about it a bit. The Vasa was a warship built for the king of Sweden and finished in 1628. It was a very big one and well executed… until it sinked one nautical mile after its inauguration.

Then we walked to the Skansen, an open-air museum and a zoo, but just before we stopped by the inevitable, mandatory, unescapable museum of ABBA. We didn’t enter but we took time to sing the legendary Mamma Mia! The Skansen is a beautiful place, very natural, but unfortunately it was too cold to see a lot of animals. We saw lovely monkeys and green birds, bears and reindeers but that’s all. At least I had the chance to get warm thanks to bonfires all over the place.

– Sverige, come on, why are you so cold in October? – Because I know you enjoy a warm fire.

There were lovely houses like this one, too. I find them so charming.

A house in the Skansen
An amazing, natural path in the Skansen

Before leaving, we ate chouchous which are praline peanuts. My friend didn’t know what it was… and kept eating them again and again after the first mouthful haha. I promise, they are delicious and you can eat them at any time of year. I tend to eat them during summer because they are sold on the beach, but it is pleasant to eat them during winter while they are still hot.

We didn’t do much on that day, it was too cold for us, but we went out at night and walked in the streets of Gamla Stan again. We did enjoy this place. We also took pictures in the street Marten Trotzigs Gränd, the narrowest one of Stockholm. I can’t put the pictures on the Internet, they are too ridiculous haha. In fact, we were imitating the Russian women who were there before us and who acted like models. It was funny!

See you tomorrow for the end of my trip. *Ohhhhhh* I know, I am sorry.

Love,                                                                                                                               Marion


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