Around the world: Stockholm, day 4

Hello people of the Universe !

Let’s begin this post about my last day in Stockholm with a beautiful picture of Vaxholm, an island. My friend and I decided to take the boat to visit it and even if we were surprised by the expensive crossing, we enjoyed our time on the sea. The islands are very pretty, especially with autumnal colors, and it was funny to see people get off the boat with a suitcase, meaning they were coming home by boat.

Vaxholm and me

The boat we took!

We immediately noticed the usual charming houses that look like fishermen ones. Don’t ask why but I couldn’t help thinking of Snow White in company of the seven dwarfs and her birds. Of course, a Snow White from the North which means a tall and pretty blonde woman with blue eyes, a bobble hat on her head and a winter jacket. Believe me, I would love it to be a cliché but it is not… And even when they are dark-haired they are gorgeous! Their skin is perfect. I should try Neutrogena cares, maybe I would have a Nordic skin, then?

Charming houses

So, I was speaking of the lovely houses and of the waterside. ♥ To me, it is an idyllic place to take your breakfast in the morning, to read a  good book, to relax while listening to the sound of nature, to chat with friends at night — which could also refers to the afternoon as the sun goes down around 3 pm at this time of the year. What was impressive to me was to see how nature has kept its own place in their cities. They let it be and it is really pleasant.

Sail, sail, sail

I would like to add that Swedish people tend to spend more time inside. They seem to enjoy being in cozy places and we didn’t meet a lot of people in the streets, even around noon.                                                                                                                 After having spent some time looking at the sea, we decided to go back to Gamla Stan and visit the Royal Palace. We got interested in the Queen’s dresses that are just beautiful and I was even more attentive to how they had been drawn. I like how colorful they are and how much elegance it gives to the woman who wears them.


To conclude our trip, we bought some gifts and drank a last chai latte in an Espresso House. At that right moment, we became Swedish.

I hope you enjoyed following me! It was a beautiful trip and I wish you to visit Stockholm one day.

Love,                                                                                                                         Marion


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