Grok with us: What are you grateful for?

Hello people of the Universe !  

I’m the one trying to fly. Pure joy.

Like me, if you are not American, you have certainly heard about Thanksgiving without really understanding the concept. “What? You gather your family and you prepare a huge meal? Oh, okay, in France we call that a typical Sunday.” Everything sounds more festive in America, right? They can make a typical French Sunday with your family fighting about politics look like a big party with food, more food, even more food. It must be a way to get prepared before Christmas, like a pre-marathon.

If you are even more like me — read here a huge fan of this period of the year, able to watch every single American Christmas movie on TV for hours under a blanket, with a cup of hot chocolat beside you — you have certainly noticed how beautiful and meaningful that day is for them. It is their way to be together, celebrate together, and thank their loved ones for what they bring to their life. It seems like a way to celebrate life, don’t you think? At least, it is the way I picture it.

As a non-American-non-believer-and-so-Frenchie girl, I am not used to that kind of days but I want to try. Written words are nice to remember, too. By the way, don’t forget there is no special day to be grateful for what you have and receive from others. Little attentions, smiles and love notes don’t follow the calendar.


I am thankful to be alive, to enjoy life and to be able to concentrate on the positive. It is not easy but if we are here today, it means we succeeded to survive to all our worst days… So we are doing pretty great! I am thankful to be happy and find strength in little moments of life. I study psychology with pleasure. I have time to read and write and learn outside of university. I have money to travel, go out and offer presents to the people I care about. I live and it is enough.

❀ Family and friends

I am thankful for them so much. My parents are healthy and smiling, they get along even after divorce and they trust me enough to let me do what I want. They encourage me to travel the world and be creative. They are here when I need them. They support me. On the other side, my brother enjoys life without always understanding my choices, but it is alright. He is the kind of happy guy always doing something or trying new experiences, and I assure you that you can see a bulb popping up like in cartoons when he has an idea.

I have never had a lot of friends, I tend to be very secret, even for those who know me for a while. So I am grateful to have met amazing people who love me for who I am even if I need them to express it. I discovered recently that you can care as much for someone you know for months as for someone you know for years and it changed my perspective. Friendship is not a number, friendship is feelings, trust. It is being present for each other. I want to preserve these friendships. They are a real protection.


Ô! Arts. I can’t put you aside, right? You came back in my life again and I am so, so thankful for that. I missed you, Arts. Cinema, music, literature. You are pillars. I have to thank my friends again for that because they encourage me to keep writing, to go to the cinema, to listen to new songs and simply discover and live the artistic side of the Universe. I tend to say that when most girls have makeup in their bag, I have a book in mine, and the best way to tell me I love you or I care about you is to buy a book or send me a quote and add “it makes me think of you”. I tend to prefer some kinds of art but I respect all of them. They are the symbol of liberty, creativity, passion. They are messages to interpret, they make you think and dream. It is a way to identify and connect, I think. Don’t you?

Reptile – Izia ; Of Water and Bones – Holy Two ; Werewolf – CocoRosie

GrokNation and open-minded people

I was waiting for GrokNation for years now. And Mayim and her crew created it. I don’t know if you are a member of a community — thanks to your religion, your sport club, your passion, your association — but it is very powerful to read and/or meet people who have the same interests as yours, people you can discuss with, share with, evolve with. I feel like it is very important to me, especially because I am young and because I defend my opinions very strongly. It is a way to discover new thoughts, new sides of the issue, temper your ego and take time to listen. It makes you wonder where the influence of society finishes and where your deep reflection starts. I feel lucky to know the existence of GrokNation. I feel lucky to have met open-minded people my whole life. And I feel even more thankful to know what others can think. Ignorance is definitely the worst thing that could happen to anyone. With ignorance comes fear, with fear comes hate. I am grateful for all the open-minded people, trying to understand a culture they don’t share, a religion they don’t know, an opinion at the opposite of theirs. Being open-minded is not about accepting and consenting to everything; it is about trying to grok, trying to feel what others mean, and create a respectful discussion that everyone can join. At least, that is what I defend.


Thank you love, kindness, compassion, acceptation, understanding, honesty, happiness, trust and sweetness to still be part of my life and resist to the darkest side of the world. We are doing a good job together. Tell me, what are you grateful for?

May your life be as colorful as mine. Love, Marion

Ps: I have to add something before my article gets published. Coming back from the cinema, I want to say thank you one last time. I want to thank every woman, every man, every child who fought and are fighting for equality. Equality between women and men, equality between everybody. Your battle isn’t useless and I can’t thank you enough for your courage. “Never surrender. Never give up the fight.” – Emmeline Pankhurst


3 thoughts on “Grok with us: What are you grateful for?

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, your list of giving thanks are on-point; many Americans say the same things (family, friends, life) that they’re thankful for.

    Had to teach my French classes on the concept of Thanksgiving, and like you, had a vague idea of it. But they seemed to enjoy the lecture, and got something out of it! :D


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