Relationships and sexuality: what Shamy teaches us

Hello people of the Universe !

Oh, boy. The socially awkward girl (a.k.a myself) is going to discuss relationships. Are you ready? It promises to be interesting. Let me give you a hug, first.


Ah, relationships. I spent a long time in front of my screen before writing this. I couldn’t stop writing a sentence and pressing delete again and again. I felt like either my words were too rational, or too intimate. There was no balance. I also didn’t want to write a piece that would only speak to fans of The Big Bang Theory. I hope you, reader, can relate, whatever you are a fan or not. It is not a big deal. I also hope you don’t mind reading a long article, I have a lot to say.Read More »


This year, I tried to light up the world

Hello people of the Universe !

If I had to sum up this year, I would say it has been a lot about seeing candles burn. I started to light candles to make my home lovely and warm to feel better, and I ended up lighting candles for the victims of attacks all over the world. I lighted candles to enjoy a safe place, I lighted candles to wish for a safer place for everyone.

In this period of Chanukah and as I know and follow several Jews, I assist to the lighting of their chanukiah every night. During eight days, Jews light a new branch, from right to left, perfect metaphor of light’s victory over darkness. The gradual triumph of good over evil. “We must light up the world more and more every night“, as I got explained. These words have found a resonance in me.

Lighting up the world. Lighting up my world.Read More »

What is Christmas like for you? (recipes and magical thoughts)

Hello people of the Universe !

It is that time of the year again and it comes with its lights in the streets and its feelings of hope and joy, as usual. You gather with your friends around a cup of hot chocolate and a piece of cake in a warm cafe during hours. You go to the Christmas market and try every kind of waffles and crepes, drink mulled wine for two euros (or spiced tea, if you don’t drink alcohol like me) and you walk around the stands, looking at little boys and girls sit on Santa’s knees. You randomly pick a movie and watch it with your family, with blankets and pillows and pets around while it is cold outside. Well, at least this is how I picture December…. Usually.

Winter 2014/2015, when I still had long and pretty hair and was enjoying a so unexpected snow with a hot beverage.

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Suffragette: when Cinema punches me in the face

Hello people of the Universe !

Last Thursday, I happily went to the cinema with a friend of mine. For a long time, a movie was getting my attention and I was waiting for November with many joy and impatience, looking forward to know how Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep would play their characters in a divided UK. I am of course speaking of :


French poster

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