Rachel Bloom & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Hello people of the Universe !

♪ West Covinaaa, Californiaaa…

I come back with a delightful article as I am going to talk about my new crush, Rachel Bloom, and her comedy-drama series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, for which she recently received a Golden Globe Award and a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress. *clap clap clap*

To make it short, Rachel Bloom plays Rebecca Bunch, a brilliant lawyer who lives in New York City and needs change in her life. For years, she followed her mother’s advice to be the best, and we meet her just before she gets promoted to associate in her law office. But, by a mysterious but lucky coincidence, she runs into Josh, a guy she dated for two months in summer camp. Seeing him, in that beautiful light, with his bright smile, constantly using the word happy to describe his former life in his hometown, West Covina, California, whereas New York is tough, cold and stressful… Him saying he wants to go back there and be happy, happy, happy… His words sound like a proposition to Rebecca, he wants her to settle there. Without a second thought, she takes a flight without explaining to anybody the real reason of her arrival to…

 …West Covinaaa, Californiaaa ♪


Enough for the summary, let’s go deeper. You know I like reading between the lines, I like when people want to improve society, and I like this even more when it is done with smartness and humour. As lists and tops are my life, here are 4 reasons to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

Rachel Bloom

I didn’t know Rachel before this show. Well, there are so many people I don’t know or worse, I know their names but I don’t know what they look like and vice versa (sorry to Patricia Arquette and sorry to that guy who plays in Taken). Anyways, all that to say I was very, very surprised not to have heard of her before. Let’s make it simple: she can do everything. She is an actress, a singer, a comedian, a writer, even a dancer… She has an eye on society few people have, she is able to spy details and write an entire song about them.

I am also amazed every time a woman (especially, because it doesn’t seem like they can do so) makes fun of herself and plays with her body image. After winning her awards, Rachel received several comments about her sizes (yeah, those people still exist) and I was impressed by how easily she answered and how fearless she is. I mean, I am not sure to be able to do so, or at least to do it with the same irony. So yay for Rachel!


You laugh from the first to the last second. I would like to say I am lying but I am not. The characters are successfully completed and they are as stereotypical as I enjoy them. And it is even funnier because you relate so easily to a lot of them. You meet a bunch of people that all struggle with different things and try to deal with their problems. They are touching and endearing, but also fierce and strong. And they mostly respond to clichés we love spreading.

I was relieved to have Rebecca next to me in the last few weeks. January has been a long month of mourning (friends and idols for my part) and some fresh air was needed.


Hilarious things often have two purposes: make you laugh and teach you something. It is the same for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I love learning, I love people who express what they think and want to discuss issues with others (sounds boring but it is definitely not) and I can tell you there are many topics to grok thanks to CEG.

Go for what could make you happy. This is very important to me. We live in a world that gives so many possibilities, why would we hesitate or go for something we don’t wish if another path is waiting for us?

Accept yourself. We are all beautiful, we are all crazy, we are funny and weird, smart and courageous. We are different but equal, and sometimes we have the chance to meet people who are like us and/or love us for who we are. Don’t turn your back to them and don’t abandon the person you are.

Be strong and face your fears. I would like to tell you more about that one, but you will find the answer in the second episode and I don’t want to spoil anything…

Friendships and relationships. Through humour, you explore many aspects of what relationships and friendships represent. You also learn about honesty and love, forgiveness and resentment. There are conversations about trust, fights around power and influence, questions about making the right choice, going for your dreams, making someone happy or failing at it. Words we all experience in our life.


There are few TV series led by women. We don’t realize it, but it is true. And if women are present, they are either the sexy one or the tomboy (this, caricatural? Not that sure). Crazy Ex-Girlfriend succeeds to be led by a woman, mock men as much as women, and take a strong position against clichés and misogynistic behaviors. You get easily entertained but take time to analyze the dialogues and songs to understand what I really mean. This show is deeper than many others and I can’t express how much this makes me happy.

It's the Sexy Golden Globey Song.

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Rachel Bloom before the Golden Globes ceremony. This girl is gold.

A lot of us have a role model in their life. It can be an actor, a singer, a politician, a novelist, a family member, a friend… We often look for someone who does what we want to do, defends what we care about, shares what we love, and stands for people like us. I have several role models in my life, all so beautiful inside and with a real and personal voice that gets me everything time they write or speak. I can now add Rachel Bloom to that list. Get prepared to hear of this lovely person in the next years and for a long time, I hope.

Love, drink a boba, find a Paula and learn pole dancing,




3 thoughts on “Rachel Bloom & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  1. Ah, this series sounds fantastic! And Rachel Bloom is definitely girl-crush material. ;) Also love the fact that you mentioned boba- I love that stuff, as I miss it dearly (not very common in France!).

    Liked by 1 person

      • Good to hear! And yes, boba is delicious; I was able to find it in Paris, so I assume that in France, you can get them in the big cities. But nothing can compare to the ones back in Asia (and for a good price!).


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