Grok with us: do you consider yourself creative?

Hello people of the Universe !

According to my dictionary (yes, I am the kind of person who looks for definitions in paper books in the age of the Internet — we don’t all have the same rebellion), creativity is the capacity, the ability of invention, imagination. This definition seems incomplete.

For me, creativity is all about emotion, in its expression as much as in its realization. It implies subjectivity, interpretation, reactions and feelings. Sometimes your art is so bad you get angry about your lack of talent, but you simply realize you didn’t put any emotion in it and that’s why you couldn’t like it. Sometimes your art is so delicate or wonderful you don’t know if it comes from the work you have been doing for years, your lucky star, or your magical powers. Art is truth, art is who you are and is worthless if you lie.  As Saint-Exupéry wrote: “One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes.” I think this is one of the best definitions of creativity.


Several people see me as creative. When I was a kid, I was a lot into drawings and writing, everything that required a pen in hand. I prefered to stay in class and draw alone instead of running outside with other boys and girls. I really liked my bubble. Today when I paint, I feel peaceful. Nothing can bother me, nothing is more important than what I am doing with my little fingers and brain. I could spend hours in front of a canvas, playing with colors or cutting and pasting pictures on it to make it mine. My walls, whether at my apartment or at my mom/dad’s house, are covered with texts I wrote, letters I received, speechs pronounced by inspiring people, colorful pictures and drawings with different tones of grey. My place is a little cocoon to me, between dreamy world and real life; it is one of the material reasons I consider myself a creative person.

I don’t know why, but I have always felt a strong connection with creative people. I recognize them just by looking into their eyes sometimes. There is something… different with them, something more powerful than anything: something deep. Is it the way they speak? The way they move? The way they look frankly or shyly? I really don’t know but it surrounds them. I think I am more touched by those who write than any other kind of art, maybe because I know how it feels to let your rhythm flows. Writing is like music to me. When you read a beautiful text, you can hear the author’s voice whispering into your ear with all its musicality. When I listen to music, I like deep voices and intimate atmospheres: it is the same when I read.

Are there rules in creativity? I think, yes. But only the ones you decide to follow. Let me explain. Art is the reflection of yourself; if you have boundaries, so has your art; if you have expectations, fears, so has your art. If you are forced to create something under a thousand conditions, you will never even start thinking about it. More you are oppressed, less you develop your imagination. You follow a pattern already made for you and that is not creativity. When teachers asked to write a story, I always tried to adapt the rules to my own. Theirs were too restrictive, not part of my universe, not even interesting sometimes. I must tell I didn’t always get good grades because of that, but teachers came to me with a smile: they had enjoyed my writing and only that mattered to me. There is nothing more beautiful than someone telling you how much they like your art. Why? That simply proves how much they love you.

So, do you consider yourself a creative person? How much do you like your art (do you like yourself)?

Before concluding this article, I want to write two words about Lady Gaga’s performance of last night at the Oscars. As I told you, creativity is very important to me. It is in every single corner of life. But for some people, creativity is what makes them strong. It is also what saves them. Use your creativity, use your art and your talent to say what is in your heart: don’t forget you have a voice that may save other people. Lady Gaga’s voice trembled yesterday, but she never stopped singing.

Van Gogh kind of love (even if I won’t cut my ear for you lovely ♥),


Ps. Read more about creativity and what could encourage your kids to be creative on GrokNation.


One thought on “Grok with us: do you consider yourself creative?

  1. Nice thoughts! I enjoy being creative, too, as it helps me keep going, staying inspired with fresh ideas, and in general making me feel good! Whether through poetry, blogging, or just plain writing, I am glad to always feel stimulated in my day-to-day life!

    Also, I remember you mentioning that you’re living in Toulouse; I actually visited there in early February, and found it very charming! If you haven’t read my post on it yet, you can check it out here:

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