The Big Bang Theory: why do we always mock Amy’s feelings? (and more)

Hello people of the Universe !

Did you watch the last episode of TBBT? Firstly, you should because it is a really nice one. You see a bit of each character and enjoy simple moments with them all. Secondly, and this is the most interesting, Emmy4Mayim gave me the idea to write about it. Why? Because I agree with her statement: we always mock Amy’s feelings for Sheldon. And that’s enough.

I have always supported the show, finding the jokes hilarious and being amazed by how every character has its place and succeeds to evolve at its own pace. But here it is, I don’t understand why we need to belittle Amy every time she tries to express her feelings. Not only in this episode, in many others too, she is the one that ends up frustrated, put aside, as if her opinion wasn’t important or too “Amy-kind” to be taken seriously.

I am sure you noticed that there is always a joke after Sheldon expresses his feelings, never when Amy does. She is careful with her words, it is very important to her to say exactly what she means with as much love and kindness as she can. She cares about how Sheldon is going to react. Instead, his inuendos and his words often have a double meaning. He keeps giving false hope to her without thinking she could be hurt. She keeps waiting. 

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