Why portraying Amy as a popular girl has a deep meaning

Hello people of the Universe!

I am coming back with a nice subject to talk about: being recognized and loved by others for who you are. It is not an easy topic and this issue seems pretty recurrent nowadays. I, for my part, struggle with socialization and people’s opinion about me, I often question my place and purpose in this universe, and I wonder what I could bring into the light or why people should like the person I am. I am not confident. I am smart but I can’t be proud of it without being told to stop showing off. I am hardworking and I love studying, but people consider my pastimes like a burden, not like a pleasant moment, and they keep complaining about me not going out or not doing what normal young people do. But yesterday, between two classes, while I was inside on a bench, trying to escape from the cold wind, I took twenty minutes to watch the last episode of The Big Bang Theory and I must say it warmed my world up.

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