International Women’s day: I want to celebrate women I love

Hello people of the Universe!

I love women. I freaking love women. They are inspiring, smart, strong, and impressive. I love how diverse they are and how their differences make this world sparkle. I love them for being themselves, with makeup or not, with children or not, with a sexually active life or not, with religious beliefs or not. I love them for making me want to be a better person, not only a better woman.


I have, for a long time, been intimidated by women because I have been taught, through movies or in real life, that women have to be against each other to obtain what they want and live their lives. Women are a threat to women. Their essence is pure drama. Women have to hate each other, tear each other apart, fake friendship and judge their peers for being sexier, smarter, more beautiful. It is like there has always been this hierarchization: she is a better mom, she is a better spouse, she is a better cook, she is a better sexual partner than me. But I can’t become like her because I would be judged. Women fight for themselves, fight against patriarchy, fight against each other.

It is like women can’t be at peace.

But among those conflicts, I have found some warriors who deserve to be put in the spotlight. They have been helping me for months/years now and I honestly don’t know how I would find strength without their words.

Take Viola Davis. She is tolerant and intelligent, kind and brilliant. She always speaks out for those who are not listened to. She had to work hard to be who she is today but she is also very grateful for everything she has. She portrays a fierce lawyer in a show that tends to be as diverse as possible, and she is becoming a very influential artist — a very influential black female artist, knocking doors down to make a bigger and easier path for the next ones.

What about Rachel Bloom? This lady is insanely talented. She empowers women in a way I never thought would be possible. Her TV show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, has become very popular now and I am so glad to be part of the adventure. She, with a bright sense of humour and a lot of smartness, points out sexism along with its contradictions. Listen to one of her most famous songs, “The Sexy Getting Ready Song“, and you’ll get it. But she also highlights what is good in women, what we should be proud of. Our friendships are beautiful, our bodies are beautiful, our souls are beautiful. We are strong enough to make our choices concerning our bodies, our families, our jobs. She perfectly explains that we will struggle but we are our worst enemies.

Then, Mayim Bialik. The incredibly precious Mayim Bialik. I have already written about her many times but she is a river that never dries up. For two years now, I have been following her with attention because I appreciate her insight and her way to express her opinions and feelings. I respect her for being a woman of Science and trying to make this field more accessible for women. I also like her devotion for the voiceless, along with her unstoppable will to defend their rights. If you don’t know her website, GrokNation, you should really check it out as it proposes a very large choice of subjects like religion, feminism, politics, or motherhood. She is the kind of person I would love to discuss with, even though we wouldn’t always agree. By her side, you find Esther Kustanowitz, her website editor and an inpiring and funny writer. This woman has a delicious way to write that I love — sweet like whipped cream, sour like lemon, a pleasing combination. She often spreads love around her with kind words or positive images, and she is the kind of lady who can cheer you up without knowing it, with simplicity.

I can’t write about Mayim Bialik and EstherK without speaking about two grokites I really enjoy sharing with. Hi, Aurélie, hi, Regina. <3 I love them both for several reasons but I must say that their artistic minds are priceless. They have this ability to create with words, pencils, or even their voices and gestures, and it is beautiful to see. They are also very kind and open-minded, always trying to include people and make them feel accepted. We know each other thanks to Mayim and GrokNation so it is always a pleasure to discuss what is published on the website. I really appreciate them for being honest and encouraging.

I stop the list here but I could go on and on. Meryl Streep, Taraji P. Henson, Emma Watson, Laverne Cox, Malala Yousafzai, Latifa Ibn Ziaten, all these (anonymous) ladies on Instagram or Twitter who, every day, defend women’s rights, draw, sing, expose their bodies and ideas, take photos, support each other, write books or articles, all of them who are here to show how beautiful the world is when we are united and at peace.

Spread love and eat ice cream to sweeten your life,


Ps: Just so you know, in France, we call it “Journée internationale des droits des femmes”, so something like “International women’s rights’ day” and I prefer it this way.



6 thoughts on “International Women’s day: I want to celebrate women I love

  1. Such a beautiful article and omg 100% agree with you. Women threatening women, always! That’s not true! We are here to help each other. Love how you descrived all.

    I didn’t know you included me there ahhhhh *crying* thanks Marion, you are so kind.

    All my love! You (and Aurélie) are great friends and I’m so happy to share our, maybe not often now, conversations. I hope we will be doing it for long. Maybe in real life?? One day I hope.

    Thanks, Regina

    Liked by 2 people

  2. What a wonderful article (I’m so glad you are back at writing cookie) and I can’t agree more.

    Thanks sont much for adding me to this list ( goosebumps ) those women are so wonderful it’s a great honor to find myself close to them here…

    Women are amazing and have to know it thanks for saying it !

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