The image I (shouldn’t have) had about women’s bodies


My mind is always submerged, overwhelmed by questions about feminism and the image of women in society. Among all the interrogations and concerns I have and wonder about every day…

        Which feminism is the best?                         Which feminism is the best for me?

Is there a feminism better than others?                               Can I judge someone else’s                                                                                                               feminism?  

                                          Why do I only see women preoccupied by feminism?

Why do I feel judged on my body as a woman whereas                                                          men are judged on what is in their brains?Read More »


My body is my garden ❀

Imagine you are walking in a vast garden.

You are alone and have this feeling, deeply inside of you, that you are the only one on Earth to know this garden, to see it and to understand it as perfectly as you do. This garden is your secret. This garden is your body.

More you walk on that path made of grass, more you discover it.


You admire sunflowers and offer your face to the light they cherish. You smell roses, alyssums, gardenias, peonies, and all these scents make you feel peaceful — as if you already knew them all, as if they were entire parts of your life. In fact, they are, and you will rapidly notice that it is impossible for you to be dissociated from them.Read More »