International Women’s day: I want to celebrate women I love

Hello people of the Universe!

I love women. I freaking love women. They are inspiring, smart, strong, and impressive. I love how diverse they are and how their differences make this world sparkle. I love them for being themselves, with makeup or not, with children or not, with a sexually active life or not, with religious beliefs or not. I love them for making me want to be a better person, not only a better woman.


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Why portraying Amy as a popular girl has a deep meaning

Hello people of the Universe!

I am coming back with a nice subject to talk about: being recognized and loved by others for who you are. It is not an easy topic and this issue seems pretty recurrent nowadays. I, for my part, struggle with socialization and people’s opinion about me, I often question my place and purpose in this universe, and I wonder what I could bring into the light or why people should like the person I am. I am not confident. I am smart but I can’t be proud of it without being told to stop showing off. I am hardworking and I love studying, but people consider my pastimes like a burden, not like a pleasant moment, and they keep complaining about me not going out or not doing what normal young people do. But yesterday, between two classes, while I was inside on a bench, trying to escape from the cold wind, I took twenty minutes to watch the last episode of The Big Bang Theory and I must say it warmed my world up.

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Rachel Bloom & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Hello people of the Universe !

♪ West Covinaaa, Californiaaa…

I come back with a delightful article as I am going to talk about my new crush, Rachel Bloom, and her comedy-drama series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, for which she recently received a Golden Globe Award and a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress. *clap clap clap*

To make it short, Rachel Bloom plays Rebecca Bunch, a brilliant lawyer who lives in New York City and needs change in her life. For years, she followed her mother’s advice to be the best, and we meet her just before she gets promoted to associate in her law office. But, by a mysterious but lucky coincidence, she runs into Josh, a guy she dated for two months in summer camp. Seeing him, in that beautiful light, with his bright smile, constantly using the word happy to describe his former life in his hometown, West Covina, California, whereas New York is tough, cold and stressful… Him saying he wants to go back there and be happy, happy, happy… His words sound like a proposition to Rebecca, he wants her to settle there. Without a second thought, she takes a flight without explaining to anybody the real reason of her arrival to…

 …West Covinaaa, Californiaaa ♪

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Suffragette: when Cinema punches me in the face

Hello people of the Universe !

Last Thursday, I happily went to the cinema with a friend of mine. For a long time, a movie was getting my attention and I was waiting for November with many joy and impatience, looking forward to know how Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep would play their characters in a divided UK. I am of course speaking of :


French poster

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Do you identify as a feminist? (Grok with us #1)

        Hello people of the Universe!

12065589_1156342394393845_1153473961459685063_nToday was a lovely day. I woke up at 8 after a good night’s sleep, read a bit, checked what had newly happened on the online blah-blah-sphere and worked on my assignments. I spent several minutes looking at this beautiful blue sky and smelling wet grass before immortalizing this simple moment.

Yes, today was definitely lovely.

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If you could travel in time as a feminist, when would you go to? (with French translation)

Never forget that a political, economical or religious crisis is enough to cast doubt on women’s rights. These rights will never be vested. You have to stay vigilant your whole life. Simone de Beauvoir

As I told you in my very first blogpost about time travel, some weeks ago I read an article about this subject on SheKnows and it inspired me to create a “7 time travels” challenge. Moreover, as you may or may not know, I tend to admire Mayim Bialik and follow her thoughts and opinions daily, mostly because she tries to generate debates and discussions about simple and tough topics and arouse your curiosity. But I am sure you don’t see the connection between Mayim Bialik and time travel, right? In fact, she participated to SheKnows’s article and answered this question:

As you are a raging feminist…                                                                                  if you could travel in time,                                                                                  when would you go to?

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The image I (shouldn’t have) had about women’s bodies


My mind is always submerged, overwhelmed by questions about feminism and the image of women in society. Among all the interrogations and concerns I have and wonder about every day…

        Which feminism is the best?                         Which feminism is the best for me?

Is there a feminism better than others?                               Can I judge someone else’s                                                                                                               feminism?  

                                          Why do I only see women preoccupied by feminism?

Why do I feel judged on my body as a woman whereas                                                          men are judged on what is in their brains?Read More »

Why I think Grok Nation is groundbreaking ✡ ♥ ♀


♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀                     ✡  ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀

Little adjustment before starting.

• To grok : to understand (something) intuitively or by empathy.

• Groknation : « I believe that there is a meaningful way to approach every issue — whether it be acting, science, parenting, faith — whatever it is; there is a way to “grok” it, to look at every issue and find the underlying importance and meaning in it. » Mayim Bialik

• Grokites (community) : people ready to grok the world with Mayim Bialik by their sides.

✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡           ♥ ♀✡      ♥ ♀  ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀

First of all, I must explain why I waited a week and a day before writing and posting this article. Well, when I heard Mayim Bialik was launching her own website on August 11th, I tried to act like this:Read More »

My body is my garden ❀

Imagine you are walking in a vast garden.

You are alone and have this feeling, deeply inside of you, that you are the only one on Earth to know this garden, to see it and to understand it as perfectly as you do. This garden is your secret. This garden is your body.

More you walk on that path made of grass, more you discover it.


You admire sunflowers and offer your face to the light they cherish. You smell roses, alyssums, gardenias, peonies, and all these scents make you feel peaceful — as if you already knew them all, as if they were entire parts of your life. In fact, they are, and you will rapidly notice that it is impossible for you to be dissociated from them.Read More »