If you could travel in time as an invisible person, when would you go to? Or, my family during WWII.

Quotes-About-Memories-Tumblr-1You really can go anywhere you want as an invisible person. It is up to you. You will never bother people, you will never get noticed, you will never put yourself in physical danger. So I choose to go to the beginning of the Second World War in France.

It is a bit weak, isn’t it? To choose to live during the Second World War while being invisible after all I said. It is true. I wouldn’t risk to die, it is true too. However, I think it would be a good way to understand my family’s feelings, and this is hurtful. I couldn’t do anything to help them, to speak with them, to express my own support. I couldn’t even tell them when the war ends or if they will still be alive after all. Maybe it is weak to choose that period of History as an invisible person, but it is the best way to enter intimacy and reject taboos.Read More »