Rachel Bloom & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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♪ West Covinaaa, Californiaaa…

I come back with a delightful article as I am going to talk about my new crush, Rachel Bloom, and her comedy-drama series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, for which she recently received a Golden Globe Award and a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress. *clap clap clap*

To make it short, Rachel Bloom plays Rebecca Bunch, a brilliant lawyer who lives in New York City and needs change in her life. For years, she followed her mother’s advice to be the best, and we meet her just before she gets promoted to associate in her law office. But, by a mysterious but lucky coincidence, she runs into Josh, a guy she dated for two months in summer camp. Seeing him, in that beautiful light, with his bright smile, constantly using the word happy to describe his former life in his hometown, West Covina, California, whereas New York is tough, cold and stressful… Him saying he wants to go back there and be happy, happy, happy… His words sound like a proposition to Rebecca, he wants her to settle there. Without a second thought, she takes a flight without explaining to anybody the real reason of her arrival to…

 …West Covinaaa, Californiaaa ♪

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Sexuality and Gender Identity through “Carol” and “The Danish Girl”

Hello people of the Universe !

It has been a long time since my last update (studies first, you know) but I come back with a very important article about what is still so, so taboo in our societies nowadays: sexuality and gender identity. I already wrote a piece about sexuality, using The Big Bang Theory to illustrate relationships, but writing about transsexuality and homosexuality is very different, even if I tend to deny it.


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Book review: Middlesex by J. Eugenides

Hello people of the Universe !

I hope you’re having a good time with your family and friends at this time of the year. Celebrate love, kindness and the new year with joy. May 2016 be wonderful.

It is the first time I speak about a book here and I am starting with a big one: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (high-five GrokNation, as always). First, I don’t think you need to have read the book to keep reading my post. You will discover the characters through my eyes and understand why this book is important for me. To be very succinct, you discover a lovely Greek-American girl, Calliope, through three different but very related stories: her grandparents’, her parents’ and her own one. From the escape from Smyrna, Turkey, to Berlin, Germany, including several cities of the United States, you follow the path of a young teenager who struggles with her gender identity. Well, it is not totally true. She first struggles with her sexual orientation before finding out about her hermaphrodism, at the age of 14. To be very precise, Callie is an intersex man with 5-alpha-reductase deficiency, meaning he has some feminine traits but, for example, will never have his period. He is the narrator of his own story and goes by Cal. With his eyes of a grown man of the beginning of the 21st century, he pictures his evolution and recounts what has made him who he is now.

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When I grokked to tears

* Grok : to understand (something) intuitively or by empathy * 

Hello people of the Universe !

Last week, Paris suffered from bombings, fusillade, and hostage-taking. It is not the first time I speak about it and even if I stop doing it here, I am not sure to be able to forget what happened… I am still shocked and I see signs everywhere. I can’t help wondering who will be next, when and where it will occur. I am not sure to be able to put aside my feeling of insecurity. If you want, I invite you to click here to know my first reaction, at 2 am, while I was watching the news. It is not a beautiful article, it is a feelingful article. You, also, can click here to read a text I wrote to give hope. I think it kind of works as it made me and two friends cry, say I love you to each other, and smile like Neville when he decides to ask Luna out during the final fight of Hogwarts. Actually, I believe we all should be and act like Neville today. He has never lost hope. He has never stopped loving. He has always been there for his friends and his family. He knows what honesty, brotherhood and solidarity mean. We all should be Neville.

Let’s fight war with art.

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Digital detox : my experience

Who has never tried to switch their phone or their laptop off for a day or at least for some hours, eh? I tried. Several times.


It is true, I am often on my phone and my laptop is constantly beside me. I do everything with them. I take pictures, I like pictures, I share feelings and send emails. I text friends and call my parents. I look for the closest library or market, I listen to music and set my alarm clock for tomorrow morning.Read More »

If you could travel in time as a feminist, when would you go to? (with French translation)

Never forget that a political, economical or religious crisis is enough to cast doubt on women’s rights. These rights will never be vested. You have to stay vigilant your whole life. Simone de Beauvoir

As I told you in my very first blogpost about time travel, some weeks ago I read an article about this subject on SheKnows and it inspired me to create a “7 time travels” challenge. Moreover, as you may or may not know, I tend to admire Mayim Bialik and follow her thoughts and opinions daily, mostly because she tries to generate debates and discussions about simple and tough topics and arouse your curiosity. But I am sure you don’t see the connection between Mayim Bialik and time travel, right? In fact, she participated to SheKnows’s article and answered this question:

As you are a raging feminist…                                                                                  if you could travel in time,                                                                                  when would you go to?

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The image I (shouldn’t have) had about women’s bodies


My mind is always submerged, overwhelmed by questions about feminism and the image of women in society. Among all the interrogations and concerns I have and wonder about every day…

        Which feminism is the best?                         Which feminism is the best for me?

Is there a feminism better than others?                               Can I judge someone else’s                                                                                                               feminism?  

                                          Why do I only see women preoccupied by feminism?

Why do I feel judged on my body as a woman whereas                                                          men are judged on what is in their brains?Read More »

Why I think Grok Nation is groundbreaking ✡ ♥ ♀


♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀                     ✡  ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀

Little adjustment before starting.

• To grok : to understand (something) intuitively or by empathy.

• Groknation : « I believe that there is a meaningful way to approach every issue — whether it be acting, science, parenting, faith — whatever it is; there is a way to “grok” it, to look at every issue and find the underlying importance and meaning in it. » Mayim Bialik

• Grokites (community) : people ready to grok the world with Mayim Bialik by their sides.

✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡           ♥ ♀✡      ♥ ♀  ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀✡ ♥ ♀

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